• Consultancy in the field of starting business by entrepreneurs;
  • Establishment of partnerships, corporations, branches and representative offices in Poland;
  • Preparation of partnership agreements , statutes , certificates of incorporation for companies;
  • Preparation of commercial contracts;
  • Consultancy and assistance in negotiating the sale and purchase of shares as well as in processes of sale and purchase of enterprises, as well as their organized parts;
  • Consulting in the area of restructuring of business entities including transformations, mergers, divisions and liquidations of companies;
  • Preparation and negotiation of civil law contracts (e.g. leases, sales, pledges, leasing agreements, contracts for construction works, know-hows, licenses and sublicenses, consortiums, distributions);
  • Consultancy in the field of provision of ongoing services to companies, preparation of regulations and internal documents, as well as preparation of meetings of shareholders, supervisory board meetings;
  • Representation in proceedings before common courts, including liability of board members and corporate disputes between partners or a partner and company;
  • Consultancy in appealing against resolutions of shareholders’ meetings and general shareholders’ meetings.
  • Ongoing and comprehensive tax consultancy in business operations in terms of corporate 
    income tax, VAT and property tax;
  • Preparation and analysis of contracts, agreements in terms of tax effects;
  • Consultancy in personal income tax and inheritance and donation tax;
  • Preparation and submission of applications for tax interpretations,
    Consultancy on liability of board members of companies, foundations, associations, third parties, including: family members in terms of tax liabilities;
  • Assistance and consultancy in relations with tax authorities, including during review procedures, tax audits, fiscal controls and tax proceedings;
  • Representing Clients before fiscal control inspectors, tax authorities and tax chambers including participation in hearing of witnesses;​
  • Representing Clients before Provincial, Administrative Courts, Supreme Administrative Court;
  • Preparation of explanations, reservations, appeals, complaints and other letters during tax, fiscal and excise duty inspection , tax and court and administrative proceedings;
  • Preparation and implementation of defense strategy, formulation of the appropriate argumentation presented to the control authorities;
  • Representing Clients in proceedings regarding refund of tax overpayment and VAT refund.
  • Consultancy in the field of fiscal penal law, business penal law;
  • Preparation of private prosecution acts and appeals, as well as penal cassation;
  • Consultancy in proceedings in cases concerning fiscal offenses directed against entrepreneurs, members of the management board, finance directors, head accountants and other persons responsible for tax liabilities;
  • Representing the accused person before financial procedure authorities (e.g. revenue office, customs) and other authorities, conducting preparatory proceedings, as well as in court and enforcement proceedings;
  • Representing clients in all kinds and at all stages of prosecution and court proceedings concerning misappropriations of funds and economic crimes;
  • Consultancy in the field of minimization of penal, fiscal penal liability risk, as well as limiting of consequences of offenses affecting the interests of entrepreneurs;
  • Participation in hearings conducted by the prosecutor or Police.
  • Provision of advice, consultations and legal opinions;
  • Preparation of employment contracts, management contracts, cooperation contracts, non- competition agreements;
  • Representing clients in court disputes with employees; conducting settlement negotiations in labor law cases;
  • Preparation of internal regulations (e.g. Employee Handbook, remuneration regulations, ethical codes, anti-discrimination policy, employee monitoring and privacy policy, regulations for company property use, responsibility for property);
  • Representing clients during control of the Chief Labor Inspectorate and Polish Social Insurance Institution;​
  • Consultancy for obtaining of certificates, creation and operation of employment agencies.
  • Preparation of requests for payment and pre-trial letters ;
  • Representing clients before common courts at all levels in business and civil cases;
  • Representing clients in proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings including assistance to collect due payments;
  • Consultancy in a manner of conduct of any possible enforcement proceedings;
  • Representing clients before arbitration courts, permanently established and ad hoc ; advising on a possibility of resolving a dispute in amicable manner (mediation, court settlement);
  • Preparation of opinions about a possibility to appeal against sentence and preparation of cessation appeals;
  • Preparation of opinions about possibilities to lodge constitutional complaints to the
  • Constitutional Tribunal and representing clients in the proceedings before the Constitutional Tribunal.
We offer a comprehensive service for setting up a business in Poland (e.g. in the form of a limited liability company; joint-stock company, limited partnership; limited joint-stock partnership; registered partnership; sole proprietorship.
Our services include:
  • Consultancy on choosing an appropriate form of conducting business operations (sole proprietorship, partnership, capital company);
  • Preparation of documents and company agreements;
  • Organization of a meeting with notary (if it is necessary with a chosen form of activity);
  • Preparing and submitting, on behalf of a Client, applications for a registration of business or company, documents in Central Statistical Office, in order to obtain a REGON number, documents to register a company in the Tax Office and obtain a NIP number and VAT registration.

We offer shelf companies with a limited liability The capital companies we offer:

  • contain any and all necessary registrations (KRS/REGON/NIP/VAT); have a clean trade history;
  • do not have any liabilities, have never carried out business activity and have not recruited employees;
  • have fully paid-up share capital;
  • have wide scope of business activities and flexible articles of association;
  • have their registered office in Warsaw;

The sale procedure of shelf company lasts up to 3 days from the moment of making contact with a Client. Since the date of sale, the new shareholders and board of directors can perform any and all activities in the company, they do not have to wait until new details are revealed in the National Court Register.

  • Representing clients in proceedings before common courts, including the liability of the board members and corporate disputes between shareholders or a shareholder and company;
  • Consultancy in relation to liability of the board members, foundations, associations in terms of tax liabilities;
  • Legal consultancy in regards to the influence of planned activities of the company (group) on risk of individual liability of the board members;
  • Review of internal regulations in the company and identification of the key risks of individual’s liability;
  • Preparation of internal procedures to limit a risk of individual liability of the board members;
  • Preparation of defense strategy against any possible accusations;
  • Representing the board members of company in the proceeding aiming at bringing them to individual liability.
    • We offer assistance in establishing companies in Poland (our services include preparation of a set of documents and applications made to the registration authority, obtaining of KRS/REGON/NIP/VAT, support with bank account opening);
    • We provide complex services of registration of foreign companies representative offices, departments and branches in Poland;
    • We provide advice in relation to ongoing business activity, in particular in the field of commercial, tax and labor law. We offer assistance in selection of the appropriate form of business activity (partnership, corporation/company);
    • We offer complex services of sale of the shelf companies with limited liability, registered in Poland, which have all necessary registrations (KRS/REGON/NIP/VAT), have a clean ​trade history, have no liabilities, have never conducted business activity and have not recruited employees , have fully paid-up share capital, have a wide range of business activities and flexible articles of association and have a registered office in Warsaw (the registration details including the name and registered office of the company can be changed in the purchased company);
    We provide advice in relation to ongoing business operation, in particular in the field of commercial, tax and labor law.